Stretch Mark Oil

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Meilah Dub

Actually love these products. There is a difference in my skin. I love the body scrub in the self care kit. My daughter says that my skin is super soft and it’s glowing. Keep in mind I have not used the body scrub in about a month or so. I NEED MORE. The oils are so cute and smell good. The fact I can use it on my face is a plus PLUS!!! I LOVE the way my skin feels after a shower or bath. Also, the stretch mark oil… it actually works. I wasn’t secure enough to take “before” pics when I started using the oil but it’s obvious there has been a change and it’s noticeable. All that other store stuff is pure GARBAGE. Aaliyahs pieces are amazing and I advise everyone to get you some.


Still waiting to see results

Tierra Bell

I haven’t been using the oil daily and my stretch marks are still disappearing!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND
*new mom*

Darjonae Richardson

Stretch Mark Oil

Our Handmade Stretch Mark oil is all natural and made with powerful blended essential oils to prevent and fade stretch marks while penetrating deep layers in your skin. Great for expecting mothers or for stubborn stretch marks that just won’t seem to fade away. The key to this product is CONSISTENCY!

One of the main ingredients is Neroli. Neroli is one of the best essential oils for skin tightening. Neroli oil contains a natural chemical called citral that helps in the regeneration of skin cells.

This oil can be applied directly on problematic areas. For the best results use on clean skin at night! Recommended patch test before use.


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