The Glow Me Face Serum

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Sade M

I’ve been using the Seamoss package and it definitely works. I’m loving my skin. I’m really in love with my skin since using these products. I’m definitely glowing. Will recommend… 10/10


Good stuff

The Glow Me Face Serum is an all natural quality oil for your face. The main ingredients is Jojoba oil and Copaiba oil. Jojoba oil is the closet oil that mimics our natural skin sebum and will instantly penetrate the skin at a deeper level. Copaiba oil can help keep skin clear and reduce the appearance of blemishes.

***Benefits of using our Glow Me Serum****

-Great for all skin types

-locks in moisture quickly with ingredients such as Grapeseed oil and Jojoba

-Great for acne prone skin and minimizes pimples

-Lightweight and non greasy

-Helps lighten dark spots with powerful ingredients such as tea tree oil, geranium, and frankincense oil


Directions: Massage 4-5 drops on your face directly, spread evenly onto the skin. Keep in mind a little goes along way as this oil is naturally thick. 

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